How We Got Here

Now think you, everyone,
How Adam dug and Eve spun.

In the vale of Abraham
Christ himself made a man,
And of his rib a fair woman,
That's how this pretty world began.

"Come, Adam, and you will see
The bliss of paradise that's free."
In the middle grew an apple tree;
Leaves and fruit grew on it.

"Adam, if you this apple eat,
All these joys you can forget.
And the pains of hell you'll get."
God Himself warned Adam.

But after God left Adam alone
The fiend appeared very soon;
He wanted Adam's doom.
He climbed the tree and sat in it.

"What's wrong, Adam, are you mad?
God wants to make you sad.
He keeps you from the things he has.
He doesn't want you to understand.

Take an apple off this tree;
Eat a bit; listen to me;
All God's joys will you see;
Nothing will be hidden."

After Adam had the apple ate
All his joys he forgot;
No more words could he speak;
He stood naked as a stone.

Than came an angel with a sword
And drove Adam into the desert.
There Adam saw sore afraid;
What would he do to live?

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