A Carefree Lyfe

In all žis warld nis a meryar lyfe
žan is a 3ong man withovtyn a wyfe,
for he may lyven withov3ten stryfe
    In euery place wherso he go.

In euery place he is loved ouer all
Among maydyns gret & small--
In daunsyng, in pypynge, & rennyng at že ball,
    In cuery [place wherso he go.]

Thei lat ly3t be husbondmen
Whan žei at že ball rene,
Thei cast hyr loue to 3ong men
In euery [place wherso thei go.]

Šan sey maydes, 'farwell, Iacke,
ži loue is pressyd al in ži pake;
žou beryst ži loue behynd ži back,
In euery [place wherso žou go!'

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