A Charm Against Fever

What manere of Ivell thou be,
in goddes name I coungere the.
I coungere the with the holy crosse
that Ieuss was done on the fors.
I conure the with nayles three
that Iesus was nayled vpon the tree.
I coungere the with the crowne of thorne
that on Iesus hede was done with skorne.
I coungere the with the precious blode
that Iesus shewyd vpon the rode.
I coungere the with woundes fyve
that Iesus suffred be his lyve.
I coungere the with that holy spere
that longeus to Iesus hert can bere.
I coungere the neuer-the-less
With all the vertues of the masse,
And all the holy prayers of Seynt dorathe.

In nomine patris et filli et spiritus sancti.


Source: Robbins

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