A Charm Against the Night Goblin

Take a flynt stone žat hath an hole thorow of hys owen growyng,
& hange it ouer že stabill dore, or ell ouer horse, and ell writhe žis charme:

In nomine Patrid &c.

          Seynt Iorge, our lady kny3th.
          he walked day, he walked ny3th,
          till žat he fownde žat fowled wy3th;
          & whan žat he here fownde,
          he here bete & he here bownde,
          till trewly žer here trowthe sche ply3th
          žat sche sholde not come be ny3the,
          With-Inne vij rode of londe space
          žer as Seynt Ieorge i-namyd was.
                    St. Ieorge. St. Ieorge. St. [Ieorge.]
In nomine Patris & c.
& wryte žis in a bylle & hange it in že hors' mane.

Source: Robbins

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