Proprietates Mortis

Wanne mine eyhnen misen,
and mine heren sissen,
and mi nose koldet,
and mi tunge ffoldet,
and mi rude slaket,
And mine lippes blaken,
and mi muş grennet,
and mi spotel rennet,
and min herte griset,
and mine honden biuien,
and mine ffet stiuien,
al to late, al to late,
wanne şe bere ys ate gate.
Ğanne y schel fflutte
ffrom bedde te fflore,
ffrom fflore to here,
ffrom here to bere,
ffrom bere to putte,
and te putt ffor-dut.
Panne lyd min hus vppe min nose,
off al şis world ne gyffe ihic a pese.

Source: Brown

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