The Dread of Death

Everemore, wheresoeuer I be,
The dred off deth do troble me.>

As I went me fore to solas,
I hard a mane syght and sey, 'Alasse!
Off me now thus tond the casse:
     The dred off [deth do troble me.]

'I haue be lorde off towr and towne;
I sett not be my grett renowne,
For deth wyll pluck yt all downe;
     The dred off deth do trobyll me.

'Whan I shal deye I ame not suere,
In what countre or in what howere;
Wherefore I sobbyng sey, to my power,
     "The dred off deth do troble me."

'Whan my sowle and my body depertyd shall be,
Off my jugment no man cane tell me,
Nor off my place wher that I shal be;
     Therfore dred off deth do troble me.

'Jhesu Cryst, whan that he shuld sofer hys passyon,
To hys Fader he seyd with gret deuocyon,
"Thys is the causse off my intercessyon
     The dred off deth to troble me."

'Al Crysten pepul, be the wysse and ware;
Thys world is butt a chery-fare,
Replett with sorow and fulfyllyd with car;
     Therfore the dred off deth do troble me.

'Whether that I be mery or good wyne drynk,
Whan that I do on my last daye thynk,
It mak my sowle and body to schrynke,
     Fore the dred off deth sore troble me.

Jhesu vs graunt hyme so to honowr
Thatt at owr end he may be owr socowr
And kepe vs fro the fendes powr,
     For than dred off deth shal not troble me.

Source: Greene

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