How We Got Here

Now bething the, gentilman,
How Adam dalf and Eue sp[an]

In the vale of Abraham
Cryst hymself he made Adam,
And of his rybbe a fayr womman,
     And thus this semly word began.

'Cum, Adam, and thou xalt se
The blysse of paradise, that is so fre;
Therin stant an appil tre;
     Lef and frewt growit theron.

'Adam, if thou this appil ete,
Alle these joyis thou xalt foryete
And the peynis of helle gete.'
     Thus God hymself warnid Adam.

Quan God was fro Adam gon.
Sone after cam the fend anon;
A fals tretour he was on;
     He tok the tre and krep theron.

'Quat eylyt the, Adam? Art thou wod?
Thi Lord haght tawt the lytil good.
He wolde not thou vnderstod
     Of the wyttes that he can.

'Tak the appil of the tre
And ete therof, I bidde the
And alle hese joyis thou xalt se;
     Fro the he xal hedyn non.'

Quan Adam hadde that appil ete.
Alle hese joyis wern foryete;
Non word more myght he speke;
     He stod as makyd as a ston.
Thann cam an aungil with a swerd
And drof Adam into disert;
Ther was Adam sore aferd,
     For labour coude he werkyn non.

Source: Greene

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