I comawnde že ratones žat are hre abowte,
Šat non dwelle in žis place, withinne ne withowte,
Thorgh že vertu of Iesu Crist, žat Mary bare abowte,
Šat alle creatures owyn for to lowte,
And thorgh že vertu of Mark, Mathew, Luke, an Ion,--
Alle foure Awangelys corden into on,--
Thorgh že vertu of Sent Geretrude, žat mayde clene,
God graunte žat grace
Šat <non> raton dwelle in že place
Šat here namis were nemeled in;
And thorgh že vertu of Sent Kasi,
Šat holy man, žat prayed to God Almyty
For skathes žat žei deden
Hys medyn
Be dayes and be ny³t
God bad hem flen and gon out of euery manesse sy³t.
Dominus Deus Sabaot! Emanuel, že gret Godes name!
I betweche žes place from ratones and from alle ožer schame.
God saue žis place fro alle ožer wykked wytes,
Bože be dayes and be nytes! et in nimine Patris et Filii, &c.

Source: Sisam, Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose

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