Sir Penny

Go bet, peny, go bet, go!
for pou mat makyn bope frynd & fo.

Peny is an hardy kny3t,
peny is mekyl of my3t,
peny of wronghe makyt ry3t
    In euery cuntre qwer he goo.

pow I haue a man I-slawe
& forfetyd pe kynges lawe,
I xal fyndyn a man of lawe
    Wyl takyn myn peny & let me goo.

& If I haue to don fer or ner,
& peny be myn massanger,
pan am I non ping in dwer--
    my cause xal be wel I-doo.

& If I haue pens bope good & fyn,
men wyl byddyn me to pe wyn;
'pat I haue xal be pin,'
    sekyrly pei wil seyn so.

& quan I haue non in myn purs,
peny bet ne peny wers,
of me pei holdyn but lytil fors:
    'he was a man, let hym goo!'


Source: Robbins

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