Swarte smekyd smeşes smateryd wyth smoke
Dryue me to deth wyth den of here dyntes.
Swech noys on nyghtes ne herd men neuer:
What knauene cry, and clateryng of knockes!
Ðe cammede kongons cryen after 'col, col!'
And blowen here bellewys, şat al here brayn brestes:
"Huf, puf!" seith şat on; 'haf, paf!' şat oşer.
şei spyttyn and spraulyn and spellyn many spelles;
şei gnauen and gnacchen, şei gronys togydere.
And holdyn hem hote wyth here hard hamers.
Of a bole-hyde ben here barm-fellys;
Here schankes ben schakeled for the fere-flunderys;
Heuy hamerys şei han, şat hard ben handled,
Stark strokes şei stryken on a stelyd stokke.
'Lus, lus! las, das!' rowtyn be rowe.
Sweche dolful a dreme şe deuyl it todryue;
şe mayster longith a lityl, and lascheth a lesse,

Twyneth hem tweyn, and towchith a treble:
'Tik, tak! hic, hac! tiket, taket! tyk, tak!
Lus, bus! lus, das! Swych lyf şei ledyn.
Alle cloşemerys: Cryst hem gyue sorwe!
May no man for brenwaterys on nyght han hys rest!

Source: Robbins

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