Sir Penny

Go quick, Penny, go quick, go!
For you can make both friend & foe.

Penny is a hardy knight;
Penny has a lot of might;
Penny turns wrong to right
          In every country where he goes.

Though I have killed a man
Or disobeyed laws of the land
I can find a jury man
          Who'll take Penny & let me go.

If I have a debt far or near
& Penny be my messenger
I can be very sure
          My cause will be good.

When I have money good & fine
Everyone invites me go wine.
"What I have is thine!"
          Surely they all say so.

But when I have none in my purse,
Penny gone, for Penny the worse,
Then they say, "Die of thirst!
          He was a man, let him go."

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