Table of Contents


Part One

The Life of This World
Merry It Was
The Smiths
Maiden in the Moor
The Irish Dancer
All Night By the Rose
Birds In the Bush
The Man on the Moon
On Nothing
The Hawthorne Tree
Spirit In the Broom
The Hunted Hare

Part Two

Sunset on Calvary
Death Signs
I Sing of a Maiden
Three Things
Safety in Poverty
History Lesson, 1381

Part Three

Occupations of the Months
The Days of the Moon
To Find Easter
Predictions on St. Paul's Day
Charm For Travelers
Charm For Sore Eyes
Charm Against Fever
Charm Against Rats
Charm Against Wens
Charm Against Thieves
Another Charm Against Thieves
A Charm by the Holy Rood
Charm Against the Night Goblin

Part Four

Summer Has Come In!
A Letter to Margaret
Empty Purse
A Carefree Life
My Gentle Cock
How We Got Here
The Dread Of Death
Henpecked Husband
Sir Penny
False Fox


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