Broken Bond

by Ana Sa

It seems like yesterday
when we were making promises to one another
our love was so real
no one or nothing could stop us or make us separate
but the distance and the time were too strong
they worked together and broke our bond
Don't ask me how or why
I can't find the answer even if I try
Had we sinned?
Is this fate or only a dream?
We could be together now
I'm back but this time you have left
you have made evelasting commitments
I can't knock on your door
I still believed things were going to be the same
Why is life so cruel?
Is there anyone to blame?
We should go on with our lives
and pretend those feelings are dead
The look in your eyes cut me like a knife
and pieces were left of my life
Somehow I managed to put them back together
We may meet each other along our paths
and I'll be afraid to look in your eyes again
because I know what I'll find
I want no more pain
If I look in your eyes
it will seem like yesterday
and yesterday will never die...

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