Donde va, Senora,
So early in the rnorn
Before the sun is scarcely risen
And the day is barely born

I tread my way to Luckenbach
While it is quiet and still
To listen to the silence.
And look upon the hill

Here I'll sit and smell the dew
And gaze at the cloudless sky
And envision settlers and traders
Who once came here to buy

It's here I find that peace of mind
That helps me through the day
Until I return to Luckenbach
And a lovely place to stay.

Que paso, viejo
What brings you to Luckenbach-town
There's nothing here, but goat and deer
And for many a mile around

I've seen most all there is to see
And my eyes are failing fast
I've heard most all there is to hear
And my hearing days are past

But in Luckenbach I'll meet old friends
We'll swap outlandish tales
And chorus `I hear' and 'oh yes I see'
And draw strength for tomorrow's travails

That's why I'm in Luckenbach
Where there's things to hear and see
Until I reach those Pearly Gates
And a lovely place to be.

Whoa, there, young waddy
Just park that pick-up there
And tell me why you're throwing
All that dust into the air

I've high-tailed here to Luckenbach
To get myself a chew
To eat a hunk of sausage
And to sip a beer or two

A man can shear and rope and haze
For just so very long
Then he needs to pick his guitar
And relax with a little song

So I'll sit in the shade of this mighty oak
And watch wrens build their nest
And hum and strum 'til day is done
And a lovely place to rest.

Look at the strangers flockin' in
And smell that chili cook
Folks a-millin' all around
And fallin' in the brook

I've been to the Hemisfair
But I ain't seen nothing like this'n
Bands playing, cameras clicking
And young folks a-kissin'

Just what the hell is Luckenbach
I thought I'd figured it out
All serene and quiet and still
Then it turns itself about

And yonder comes ol' Oink Van Gogh
Down from off his range
This is truly a lovely place
It's lovely, but it's strange.

So what you find in Luckenbach
Is what you look for there
From a crowd of folks to a lonely maid
With a ribbon in her hair

Dignity, beauty, peace and calm
Old wisdom and fresh new wit
A place to laugh and dance and sing
A place to whittle and spit

It has every modern convenience
There's two out in the back
In perfect working order
Except for here and there a crack

So order up another round
And let your soul flow free
It's fun drinking beer in Luckenbach
And a lovely place to pee.

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