Fabrics Offer Comfort, Elegant Fit for New Fashions

In the past thirty-five years of the clothing business, a continuing trend toward comfort has continually emerged as a predominant concern. Thanks to technological advances, warmth is no longer measured by fabric weight. Fabrics are being loomed with a lighter "ounce-weight" that is infinitely more wearable. These woolens, with their elegant hand and luxurious drape, are as lightweight as silks.

Lightweight Drape Suits Today's More Casual Look

These lighter weight fabrics are perfect for the more casual selections that so many men are making these days. The next addition to your wardrobe may well be a handsome blazer, or perhaps a sport jacket featuring the softer, more casual construction that is so popular today. The shoulders may be more natural, with a light shaping in the waist. The drape of the fabric can emphasize these details, while retaining an unmistakable air of authority. Imagine this look in a rich black cashmere, lightweight but with a sumptuous feel, paired with black-and-white plaid slacks. Or choose a patterned piece for a jacket that can be teamed with a variety of solid slacks in a Super 100 or Super 110 weight.

Color Signals Change of Seasons

With today's lighter suiting weights, so appropriate for Texas' sub-tropical climate, it's often color that signals seasonal change. For instance, a recent shipment of fall/winter Super- Fine woolens from Loro Piana included a dark navy blue with fine threads of red and gold. Another fabric appeared to be solid charcoal, but actually incorporated a very subtle plaid in teal and burgundy. For those who favor brown tones, olive or taupe garments can make a beautiful fall-to-winter transition for an existing wardrobe.

Our new fall/winter selection of ties can help emphasize the subtle tones in either color palette and open up new vistas for accessorizing in tones of royal blue, teal and hunter green, through shades of gold, orange and brown, to rich magentas and deep purples. They can even help extend the life of your favorite summer garments, perhaps aided by a change in shirt color.

Black is Back

Black continues to be a strong color this season. It can take whatever you want to dish out, when it comes to accessorizing with strong fall/winter colors; it's also a great choice for special evening events and anything "holiday."

A black suit can be as elegant as a tuxedo, making the transition from the workday to an evening function with a simple change of accessories. Consider a shirt with French cuffs and stunning cuff links, or a silk tie that's perhaps a little more attention-getting than you might wear for work.

Springing Ahead

Even as we discuss fashions appropriate for the next couple of months, forward-thinking individuals are already considering spring and summer wardrobe needs.

They're in step with fabric designers; the first swatch books for the coming season are already here. Orders placed now for spring and summer suits will be ready for Spring's first warm breath!

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Last modified 02.26.96.