HALE CENTER Population - 2,112 Altitude 3,423


Located at the center of Hale County, this quaint city resulted from the interesting compromise of two rival villages, Hale City and Epworth, that united in 1893. To make both former towns happy, buildings from both were moved to the new townsite.

Originally supplying large ranches, this town became a center of intensive farming as irrigation developed in the 20th Century.

Today, in the county, more than 400,000 irrigated acres produce:

cotton, grain sorghum, wheat, sunflowers, sugar beets, and table vegetables.

Worldwide hunting trophies are displayed at Hi-Plains Hospital. Included is the three-tusked elephant head.

Bell Park Cacti Garden-

Established in honor of Hershell Bell, agronomy and range management authority; contains more than 350 specimens with 15 different species of cacti (often mispronounced as catus' plural). Walk-through path, picnic tables. At intersection of FM. 1424 and F.M. 1914 (Ave. K and Cleveland St.).

Hale County Form & Ranch Museum-

This old museum features more than 200 examples of vintage farm equipment from horse-drawn threshing machines to huge 1912 Case steam tractor. Museum consists of four buildings, including the 1910 Santa Fe depot. The first irrigation pumps developed by George Green (inventor, machinist, and engineer) are displayed, as well as some 20 stationary restored engines. Located on five acres one mile south on 1-27, exit 36; open daily I - 5 p.m., weather permitting. Drive-by views at other times; donations. For information and group tours, call (806)839-2556.


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