Johnson City pop. 1,100 alt. 1,197

The seat of Blanco County, named after pioneer Johnson Family, ancestors of Former President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Johnson City is currently a major retail center for nearby farm and ranch areas.

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Information Center, two blocks south of U.S. 290, has information, exhibits, audiovisualprogram. Across the street, with guided tours daily, is frame structure nearly 100 years old where Lyndon Johnson lived while attending public school. Furnishings include Johnson family household items and period furniture. One block west is old ranch complex called Johnson Settlement, owned by President's grandfather and great-uncle 1867-72, and gathering point of seven-county area for cattle drives. Also served as aid station for those wounded in Deer Creek Indian Battle. Original 1856 dog-run cabin, barn, other buildings; restored and part of "living history" program. Access to Johnson Settlement is via foot path from Boyhood Home. Operated by National Park Service, open daily, except Christmas and New Year's Days.

Pedernales Falls State Park-

4,800 scenic acres preserving natural beauty of the area; features picturesque water falls, abundant animal and bird life, fishing, swimming, camping, picnicking, hiking, nature study. About 8 miles east via F.M. 2766. Admission.



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