Charm Against Robbers

I coniour hem in the name of the ffader, and sone, and holy gost;
in hem ys vetu al-ther-most!
In the bygynnyng & in the endyng,
And in the vertu of Al thyng
ys, & was, & euer schal be--
In the vertu of the holy trinite--
By the vertu of euery masse,
that euer was seyde, more & lasse--
In the vertu of erbe, gras, ston,& tre--
And in the vertu that euer may be:
yf here come eny fon
me to robbe, other me to sclon;
they stond as stylle as eny ston,
they haue no powere away to gon,
By the vertu of the holy trinite,
Tylle they haue lyve of me.
lord iesu, Graunte me pys,
as 3e ben in heuen blys.

Source: Robbins

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