Charm against Wens

Wenne, wenne, wenchichenne,
Her ne scealt thu timbrien, ne nenne tun habben;
Ac thu scealt north heonene to than nihgan berhge,
Ther thu havest, ermig, enne brother.
He the sceal legge leaf et heafde.
Under fot-volmes, under vether earnes,
Under earnes clea, a thu geweornie!
Clinge thu alswa col on heorthe,
Scring thu alswa scerne a wage,
And weorne alswa weter on anbre!
Swa litel thu gewurthe alswa linset-corn,
And miccli lesse alswa anes hand-wurmes hupe-ban;
And alswa litel thu gewurthe thet thu nawiht gewurthe!

Source: Sisam, The Oxford Book of Medieval English Verse

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