Charm Against Rats

I command all rats that are here about
That none dwell in this place, within or without,
Through the virtue of Jesus Christ, that Mary bore about,
Before whom all creatures bow;
And through the virtue of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John,--
All four who the gospels wrote on,--
Through the virtue of Saint Gertrude,* that made clean,
God grant that grace
That no rats dwell in this place
That these names are named in;
And through the virtue of Saint Kasi,**
That holy man who prayed to God almighty
And the rats died
In his field
By day and by night,
God told them to fly everyone's sights

Dominus Deus Sabaot!*** Emmanuel, the Great God's name!
I from this place banish rats and all other shame.
God save this place from all other wicked ones,
But by day and by night! et in nomine Patris et Filii.****

*Died A.D. 659. Rats are her symbol.

**Actually St. Nicasius. A celebrated enemy of rats.

***"The Great Holy God."

****"and in the name of the Father and Son."

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